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pastelhearts's Journal


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Since 6.15.2004

animals wearing bunny ears, antique white doilies, anything with laced edges, blingo winnings, bow rings & necklaces, burberry coats & bags, chocolately brown, clubhouse sandwiches with fries, dessert out, disney apparel & couture, flickr interestingness, kate spade wicker bags, lovely toile print, measuring ingredients, mermaids in bathtubs, old giftshops, pastel colored roses, penelope pig, ralph lauren loungewear, really high ponytails, silky champagne, simple bows on everything, soft pink and yellow, steak printed things, sugar in my cereal, sweetheart halters, tiffany heart tags, tup and bins, tutti dolci creme brulee, vacations on islands, velour sweatsuits at home, white sugarbowls and creamers